Over 74% of our team donates time on a regular basis. Last year, that amounted to over 5,000 hours contributed by Northern Micro staff to our community

ISS-winner-badge-northern-microIntel Channel Award Cares

Northern Micro, an Intel Technology Provider member since the very beginning of the program, donates in excess of $100,000 per year to various organizations focusing primarily on Cancer and Armed Forces related charities.

relayforlifeRelay for Life

Powered by our own survivor, Bernard Libby, Northern Micro employees not only participate on his team, but they also donate to the cause.

Employees run fundraising BBQs, car washes, cupcake sales, lollipop sales and more throughout the year.

Together, we’ve helped raise $20,000 in pledges.

Injured Soldiers Winter Sports Clinic

Northern Micro has been involved with this important organization for 2 years now. This important group takes wounded soldiers, many of which are amputees, and teaches them how to ski and do other winter sports.

Harnessing the power of emerging technologies, prosthetic apparatuses are created to enable injured soldiers to ski, snowboard, play sledge hockey. The magic of this organization lies in the fact that they extend the instruction to a soldier’s whole family, so that they may begin to rebuild new memories and experiences post-injury.

Often times, when soldiers return wounded, the entire family dynamic changes. These new skills allow the soldier to discover a new independence and capacity, so that through his/her growth, their whole family can grow.

WoundedWarriorslogoWounded Warriors

Northern Micro’s President, Herman Yeh, was the chairman of the Chinese Canadian Computer Association (CCCA) in 2015 and spearheaded the donation of $10,000 to Wounded Warriors, an organization dedicated to the needs of wounded soldiers and their families.

Their primary focus is on rehabilitation and mental health particularly treatment of PTSD.


At our Annual Partner Showcase, we opted to shine the light on an important organization raising awareness for men’s health, particularly cancer screening and mental health. Not only did some of our staff join the Movember campaign by raising funds and growing beards, but we gave the Ottawa Chapter a booth at our annual event with over 600 people in attendance.

We matched Movember up with HP and Intel at the event and encouraged people to take selfies on which we drew mustaches and tweeted out.  We capped this off by making a $1,000 contribution on behalf of our clients in attendance at the event and gave $4,000 of merchandise to the cause.

charity_water-convertedCharity Water

Charity: Water is an organization that utilizes technology in building and remotely monitoring water wells in developing countries. Clients were engaged in a “Water Walk” which simulated what most people in developing countries do several times daily to get water.

Over 350 clients completed the challenge which resulted in a $3,000 donation to the charity plus over $2,000 of in-kind contributions.