January 24, 2017

Today, at the BETT conference in London, Microsoft made some major announcements to enhance their standing in the education technology space against Chromebooks.

It’s no secret that the adoption rate of Google Chromebooks in education has caught Microsoft flat footed in the United States. One of the key differentiators of the Chromebook platform is the Management Console, to which, Microsoft had no reasonable competitive offering – SCCM was far too heavy duty. In addition to very low cost hardware at under $200 per unit, this really put a lot of pressure on Microsoft and their OEMs.

Realizing the importance of this market, Microsoft has delivered their answer with Microsoft Intune for Education.

Easily setting up and managing classroom devices has long been a challenge for administrators to deal with. According to Microsoft, there are over 150 granular settings to choose from, making it easy to manage settings and deploy applications.

The tool will be made available for preview “in the coming weeks” and “broadly available this spring for $30 per device, and via volume licensing”.

Check out the video for a quick explanation of Intune.