Provide secure remote access – NOT VPN’s.

Enable secure & auditable remote access to vendors, partners and staff without VPN’s.

Key Benefits

  • Enable remote access for vendors, partners & staff
  • Securely access segregated locations
  • Support least privilege
  • Meet audit & compliance requirements


Remote access is a necessity – how do you secure it?

Organizations have many use cases for providing remote access to their corporate networks – in many cases its mission critical.  The challenge is meeting the needs of business units, application owners, staff and security.

You Can Be Productive and Secure

Don’t compromise security for productivity, or vice versa. Allow secure & auditable remote access sessions, that aren’t dependent on virtual private network connections (VPN’s).  Leverage Active Directory and LDAPS to manage authentication, define permissions for teams and individuals, and capture detailed audit logs and recordings of every access session. Meet compliance regulations and protect valuable data and systems from internal and external threats.

Seamlessly Integrate Within Your Environment

Granular settings allow you to meet your current processes and security policies. Pre-built integrations and API for identity management, password management, SIEM and IT service and systems management solutions allow you to effortlessly add Bomgar to your existing workflows.

Want to discuss further?

Northern Micro is uniquely positioned to help you evaluate Bomgar in your organization. We can assist you through with a focused and affordable project lifecycle.  Select “Request Follow Up” and we will contact you in the next 24 business hours.