It’s time for a new secure remote support plan.

Mobility initiatives and digital transformation demand support innovations, making secure remote support a priority.

Key Benefits

  • Take your applications online
  • Support your remote and transient works
  • Extend support beyond your corporate network
  • Support least privilege
  • Audit your support sessions


Extend secure remote support beyond your network.

How your workforce shows up is dramatically changing – some rarely come to an office.

Shared work spaces (“hoteling”) and transient workers are the new norm, away from cubicles & offices. Mobile technology (PDA’s, tablets & notebooks) have replaced desktops and WIFI coverage determines the access points to your corporate network.

The pace of change is being driven by – and enabling – digital transformation.  Business units want to support staff and Canadians with online apps.

Operationally, this also means a redesign of the infrastructure that supports your organization.

You Can Be Productive and Secure

Don’t compromise security for productivity, or vice versa. Allow secure & auditable remote support sessions, that aren’t dependent on virtual private network connections (VPN’s).  Leverage Active Directory and LDAPS to manage authentication, define permissions for teams and individuals, and capture detailed audit logs and recordings of every access session. Meet compliance regulations and protect valuable data and systems from internal and external threats.

Seamlessly Integrate Within Your Environment

Granular settings allow you to meet your current processes and security policies. Pre-built integrations and API for identity management, password management, SIEM and IT service and systems management solutions allow you to effortlessly add Bomgar to your existing workflows.

Want to discuss further?

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