Unlock your business potential with our services

Answers for your most complex IT issues

Northern Micro’s team of industry veterans are ready to help you get answers to the most challenging IT problems you face.

Our specialists have extensive experience in change management, business processes, and industry-leading technologies. Leveraging best practices, we’ll collaborate with you to develop a plan tailored to meet your unique business needs. We’ll take the time to learn about your business, uncover your vision and meet with your stakeholders to ensure we have a shared understanding of the idea end-state that addresses your challenge, and ensures your organization is achieving its objectives.

Drawing from our comprehensive portfolio of value added services means we are more than just a “box pusher”. We truly strive to discover where your specific pain-points are and develop a solution based on our capabilities.

Countless customers have saved time and money by partnering with Northern Micro, and we’re confident that you will too.



Navigate through the constantly changing technology landscape

With IT budgets, there’s always pressure to do more with less – reducing the cost of IT spend while at the same time enhancing user productivity, protecting against security threats and going to market even faster than before.

We’ll work with your senior executives to help them solve their most complex IT problems by delivering a strategy that combines our deep industry knowledge, insight, and foresight into an actionable plan.

Our strategy and planning practice can help you understand where to invest your IT budget when you’re looking to transform your legacy infrastructure to next-generation converged, private cloud, hybrid cloud data centres.


Efficient and cost effective solutions, tailored to your needs

Our solution architects will seek to understand the unique needs of your particular environment, and develop the optimal solution in accordance to your performance requirements and budget.

Working with top tier vendors like VCE, EMC, Cisco, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, you can be sure that we’ll come up with a solution that prevents vendor lock-in and allows you to scale up when the time comes.

We have some of the most talented, dynamic and experienced data centre architects in Canada and they’re all committed to the successful design, deployment, implementation and servicing of your solution.


Put your solution together and connect the applications that your business operates on

Our deployment and integration service compliments our design and architecture services. Once your solution has been created and you know what you need, we’ll help you plan your deployment and implementation, providing expert advice throughout the implementation, managing a detailed migration and roll-out strategy.

We’re ready to help you put it all together and make it happen, ensuring your system is fully working, fully patched, updated, and validated for all of your applications with as little disruption as possible.


Switch to a new infrastructure, or upgrade it to prolong your investment

You’ve decided that your aging infrastructure is ready to move to the newest technology, but you need your applications to be migrated over seamlessly.

Northern Micro’s expert team will develop a comprehensive and accountable migration plan to ensure you get the least amount of disruption in your environment. We’ll evaluate all the risks when you migrate, and how to minimize them.

If you’ve still got up-to-date technology, but need to upgrade to the latest software, apply security patches, and validate that everything is working according to plan, Northern Micro can help.

We’re experts with VCE, VMware, EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Cisco technologies – you can depend on us to get it done right.


Get the most out of your technology, and keep it running at peak performance

Proactively discover potential issues before they become serious problems, and have the confidence knowing that your environment is well taken care of.

Your datacentre will be performed by manufacturer certified technicians using the latest diagnostic tools, and will make recommendations to optimize the performance of your infrastructure.

If your systems are becoming slow and unresponsive, consider our performance optimization services to uncover how to maximize your infrastructure.

We’ll work to uncover the hidden bottlenecks that are slowing down your systems, and we’ll suggest ways to unlock the performance to keep your investment running for as long as possible.


Take the first step towards your IT transformation journey

Before starting any IT project, the initial assessment will have a major impact on its success. We use industry leading tools to assess your environment, and understand where enhancements could be made to maximize the return on investment to your organization.

Figuring out where you need further improvements in compute, networking or storage capacities allow us to determine where to best allocate resources, and develop the best solution for you.

By having a baseline understanding of where you stand today, you’ll know how successful you’ve come after you’ve consolidated your infrastructure, virtualized your servers, and transitioned into a private cloud, or a hybrid cloud environment.


Save time and money when you deploy fleets of devices across your organization

Our purpose-built 6,000 Sq.-Ft. configuration and assembly centre operates under the strictest quality guidelines, and has been audited under the ISO 9001:2008 family of certifications since 1994.

We have the capability to perform numerous value-added services such as asset tagging, OS imaging, software loading, and device customizations.

We’ll work closely with your procurement team to understand exactly how you’d like your devices to arrive, and configure them to your exacting specifications.

Our technicians are certified with the Microsoft Device Management technologies and Google Chromebook Management Console training so that your devices are ready to use straight out of the box.

The ability to deliver these services to you faster, under the same stringent conditions as top-tier facilities, for less cost truly differentiates Northern Micro from the rest.


Have peace of mind that we’ll take care of your devices throughout its lifetime

Manufacturers warranties generally cover only one year of warranty service, but we realize that you may keep your devices for up to four years. With this in mind, Northern Micro’s enhanced warranty services might be right for you.

Extended Warranty, covered by everything in a manufacturers warranty and will be serviced by Northern Micro via a return waybill.

Onsite repair services, handled by Northern Micro or our national network of authorized repair technicians.

Accidental Damage Protection (ADP), Northern Micro will replace your device up to two times during the lifetime of your ADP enhanced warranty.

Advanced Replacement Warranty, we’ll send you a replacement device with a return waybill so you minimize your downtime.


Our authorized technicians will quickly repair your devices

In environments with large fleets of devices, its inevitable that users may accidentally damage them. For notebooks, the most common point of failure will be the display – our service team can coordinate with the manufacturer on your behalf, or for a nominal fee, Northern Micro’s team of authorized technicians can repair it for you at a fraction of the cost.

We want to ensure that you get the most out of your device, and get back up and running with as little disruption as possible.


Our team of technology experts thrives on finding the right solutions to your unique challenges. Our strong partnerships and continual  training ensures we can offer a vast array of products and solutions to keep your businesses focused on success.