We work solve the unique challenges of various industry sectors

Unique Solutions for your Industry

We aim to solve your unique business challenges using our expertise in IT. For over 30 years, we’ve delivered reliable, innovative and flexible technology solutions for customers across the country in all industry verticals. We fully understand the urgency of your needs, and importance of keeping costs down, while still enabling your organization to be efficient and productive.

By partnering with us, you’ll have access to some of the most qualified technology experts in the country. We’ll respond to your most demanding needs with flexibility and speed.



Digitally transform your organization with secure cloud and mobility

Your organization needs to solve client problems with speed and agility. Your staff need to access confidential data wherever they may be with their mobile devices, while minimizing security risks – all while keeping costs as a minimum.

Northern Micro’s team of experts fully understand these challenges and are ready to help you address them. We will carefully assess your requirements for mobility, security, network accessibility, and performance, and design a solution that optimally balances your needs.


Meet the most demanding regulatory and client service requirements

Confidence that your networks are secure while providing instant access to the latest information is critical to your continued success. A modern network infrastructure from Northern Micro enables your staff to deliver the superior service your customers expect.

We’ll help you create the unique business solution that meets your exacting needs with our deep understanding of the latest technologies.


We have been proudly serving school boards across Ontario for over 18 years

By providing great value, competitive pricing, superior support and service, our team is dedicated to delivering the highest  level of excellence to educational institutions across Ontario.

Our portfolio of education solutions encompass devices like Chromebooks, Windows Cloudbooks, projection devices, touch boards, ergonomic desks, device deployment services, network infrastructures, data centre.

Speak to any of our customer references, and you’ll understand how we’ve saved countless hours of time and money with our unique solutions and high level of customer service.


Remarkably efficient and cost-effective technology solutions for public service

Your challenges are urgent, complex, and unique; with hundreds of applications and legacy systems to support.

We deliver solutions that are ready to solve your most pressing issues. Numerous government customers can attest to our ability to not only develop a solution, but deliver on its promise.

As an Ottawa based company, we have an intimate understanding of your requirements and are acutely aware of the need to deliver solutions that deliver the best value to the taxpayer.

By using our configuration centre in Ottawa, we are fully capable of customizing and servicing your devices to the highest quality standards, in a facility you can trust.


Our team of technology experts thrives on finding the right solutions to unique challenges.
We do this though our valued partnerships and continued investment in training.