A New Converge Solution Takes Telework Even Further

A New Converge Solution Takes Telework Even Further

By Eric Ledi, Microsoft Specialist

Despite its downsides, the pandemic has forced us to evolve and adapt to new ways of doing things.
The most innovative and progress-driven companies aren’t speculating whether telework will continue, but rather, how the technological transition will occur in the longer term? Which technologies and applications will become the new standard of tomorrow, and which innovations will take user experience and work productivity even further?


It only takes me about 45 seconds to get to my’ workplace’ in the morning – a much shorter commute than when working at the office. Not surprisingly, maybe my employer has remarked several times on my team’s increased productivity during the pandemic. For me as a young father, this new lifestyle suits me perfectly. It offers me greater flexibility, adaptability, and, as a result, I have a much better work-life balance and improved physical and mental health. Companies opting to continue teleworking after COVID like mine will experience several advantages.

Here are a few facts from published studies:

  • Reduced employee turnover up to 12%(1) 
  • Increased productivity and efficiency due to team collaboration and mobility
  • Decreased operating costs estimated at $11,000/employee (buildings, office expenses, electricity, maintenance, etc.)(2)
  • Higher level of employee commitment to the company’s mission in return for respecting their lifestyle and a more flexible schedule
  • More attractive to new employees, especially young talent


The evolution of telework – Current priorities

  • Comfort and ergonomics – Adapting the physical work environment to each person’s needs.
  • Speed – Accelerating deployment of new devices and services in the field.
  • Performance  Providing more modern, robust, and reliable computers equipped with the latest technologies optimized for videoconferencing.
  • Connectivity – The need to be constantly connected to online services.
  • Security  Reinforcing enterprise service and data security; securing sensitive information and document sharing to better control access to information.
  • Simplicity  Simplifying authentication, managing multiple passwords, connecting to desktop services, establishing standardized system configurations.
  • Versatility  Understanding that each employee uses a wide range of Windows, Legacy, Web, and Cloud applications and wants to use one device for personal and professional purposes.
  • Management  Centralizing control and support and automating workstation updates.


A new generation of workstation solutions

Converge developed a commercial offer for businesses, a line of solutions that simplify workstation management more than ever. Joining forces with Microsoft and VMware, we leveraged our team’s expertise and our Configuration Center to develop this new line of business solutions.

  • Modern workspace: This is a solution for companies who want to equip their employees with powerful and reliable devices for teleworking chosen from the Microsoft Surface portfolio. According to the client’s norms and standards, workstations are well equipped, configured, and standardized at our Configuration Center. Workstations arrive at employee’s doorstep ready for rapid deployment.
  • Connected workspace: This second solution focuses on connectivity, security reinforcement, and interconnected applications and services from the Microsoft 365 platform. MS Surface devices are prepared at our Configuration Center, delivered directly to users, and deployed in the field thanks to the Microsoft Autopilot(3) tool for a Zero-Touch® deployment experience (out-of-box experience). Surface devices are managed centrally through Microsoft Intune(4), and users managed through Microsoft Azure(5).
  • Virtual workspace: Our third solution transforms a personal computer into a virtual workspace. This solution combines MS Surface computers as the access station, Microsoft software solutions, and MS365 connected services, with VMware Horizon allowing for desktop virtualization (VDI infrastructure). In this mode, users connect remotely to their virtual, secured work environments that reside in their preferred data center or directly on MS Azure Cloud. This solution allows workers to centralize the management of applications, data, and security in all environments while moving to the Cloud, making it possible to access a completely virtual environment, anywhere, anytime. 



Why the Microsoft Surface line of products?

What struck us while assessing the various available technologies was that the Surface line had been designed in all respects to allow greater productivity and versatility for users. In turn, it integrates several critical security and management functionalities to facilitate your IT team’s work.

  • Product versatility: Surface devices have up to three use modes (PC, tablet, and studio). They can also be configured in kiosk mode. The devices manage your personal and professional profiles separately.
  • Connectivity: These devices allow simplified, high-performance connectivity to stay continually connected to available networks.
  • Collaboration and videoconferencing: The Surface product line is equipped with high-quality HD Web cameras, studio-quality microphones, and Dolby® Atmos™ speakers for a better online meeting experience. Naturally, it integrates with the Teams platform and other Microsoft 365 collaboration tools and services.
  • Simplified authentication: This allows you to quickly connect, based on your profile, to all your applications, services, and data using Windows Hello.
  • All-day battery life: Surface devices are equipped with a battery boasting 15 hours of life and fast-charging ability.
  • Microsoft Autopilot: Surface devices offer Zero-touch deployment with no software configuration required.
  • Replacement warranty: A complete offering of additional warranties (3, 4 or 5 years) provides companies with ultra-rapid device replacement service in case of failure anywhere in the world.

We have attached a study by Forrester/TEI that confirms our assessment of the Surface line with Microsoft 365 to improve employee productivity and collaboration.


How can Converge help?

Converge would like to propose an exploratory meeting to discuss your current situation and challenges. If this is of interest, you can take advantage of a 30- to 45‑day demo program to test the solution and confirm your choice of device. One of our Microsoft Surface Technical Specialists will guide you through this process and be available if you need assistance and support.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to support you.


Eric Ledi
Microsoft Technical Specialist
Converge Technology Solutions Corp.
Cell: 514.816.9752
[email protected]




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3 – Microsoft Autopilot simplifies the way devices get deployed, reset, and repurposed, with an experience that is zero touch for IT: Simplified deployment and configuration with Windows Autopilot (microsoft.com)

4 – Microsoft Intune is a Cloud-based service that focuses on mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM): Microsoft Endpoint Manager | Microsoft 365