We support the public sector in providing core services to Canadians.

Publicly funded institutions deliver critical services that save lives, protect us and ensure that basic human needs are met. As with all industries, technology has transformed the way they work, broken down barriers of geography, culture and language as well as created new expectations and challenges along the way.

From new modern workspace standards to navigating the complexities of procurement, logistics and security for large-scale deployments, our professional services are helping transform the public service.


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The Government of Canada

Based out of the National Capital Region and with a deep respect for the public service, we have guided and supported the Government of Canada and through every step of its digital transformation. It has also been a big part of the Northern Micro story.

We offer professional services and are a qualified supplier of IT services, solutions and products to the federal government for everything from AI to desktops and workstations, printers and toners, notebooks and more.

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The Government of Quebec

Our fluently bilingual teams located in Quebec City and in Montreal, offer professional services to the province’s most important government organizations and education institutions.

As requested by pre-qualified suppliers, we maintain an up-to-date price list available to the general public on our website for:

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To place an order or to explore how we could support the Government of Quebec with the next phase of its digital transformation, please contact our Quebec team.

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