Zero Trust | Reinforcing security for remote workspaces created since the beginning of COVID-19

By Darren Livingston, Vp of Engineering Canada, Converge Technology Solutions

The rapid evolution of enterprise environments, mainly during the pandemic crisis, has led to system security breaches for many organizations. The increased need for mobility, the shift to a distributed operating mode, and the use of numerous SaaS services on the Public Cloud have forced teams to take a few shortcuts. These shortcuts, however, have made companies more vulnerable to new forms of attacks that are currently trending upward in Canada.


Security management, now a significant part of IT operations 

A significant part of IT teams’ tasks is now dedicated to protecting users, their applications and their data. The complexity of many parallel security platforms and tools, implemented in isolation with very little integration or automation, must be managed daily. To ensure effective protection of critical data, organizations need security measures and controls that are intrinsically integrated with their infrastructure. Security must therefore protect all access points, at all times, and simplify operations management throughout the different teams involved. That’s where the VMware Carbon Black Endpoint Security Cloud solution stands out.

VMware has managed to bring together all the elements of protection needed within a single platform, a single management console, a single agent deployed to access points. To reduce complexity and help IT operations and security teams, Carbon Black offers an overview of your company’s current situation and security posture thanks to its fully integrated Cloud-native platform. The solution is deployed locally at your facilities, but is always connected to its monitoring centre hosted directly on the Cloud.


Vision behind the Carbon Black Endpoint Security Cloud solution design


A SaaS mode solution, directly connected to the VMware Carbon Black monitoring centre

This platform is directly connected to the Cloud with the capability to analyze, in real time, several million incidents and threats that are collected each day from around the world. Carbon Black Endpoint Security Cloud therefore helps you identify, prevent, detect and address risks before they affect your environment. The solution uses a multi-layer protection approach to not only proactively identify risks and vulnerabilities, alert you and prioritize what actions to take, but also to automatically correct the situation when faced with these attacks based on security policies established in the software layer.


Platform overview


Administrator interface example

The Carbon Black solution protects workstations and access points, applications, container environments, as well as virtual and physical technologies, thus ensuring a global protection approach. With the aim of automating your security operations management, the solution consolidates a whole range of processes and functionalities. One of the best examples is companies’ current fight against ransomware attacks where VMware brings the expertise of its global incident management centre and intelligent machine learning technologies to proactively analyze your company’s situation in real time.


Continued VMware investments in its security solution portfolio 

Carbon Black literally builds upon the global security vision that VMware is working to advance for its clients. The Carbon Black solution complements its portfolio, which is now made up of Workspace One (access control), NSX (network security and microsegmentation), AppDefense (application security) and Carbon Black (environment and access point protection).

Carbon Black also offers integration possibilities through APIs with numerous existing security solutions that you may already use and wish to integrate. The result is an integrated solution that returns full control to your team, allowing you to be proactive and, especially, to be a step ahead of threats and attacks currently affecting the market.


Global vision of VMware’s security solution portfolio.


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Darren Livingston
VP of Engineering
Converge Technology Solutions Corp.