HP Amplify Impact™ Program

HP Amplify Impact™ Program

Northern Micro, a Converge Company and Converge Technology Solutions Canada are proud to announce we are participating in the HP Amplify Impact™ Program!

HP’s new Amplify Impact™ program extends HP’s Sustainable Impact strategy and invites partners to drive meaningful change across the global IT industry. Partners that pledge to join HP Amplify Impact will tap into HP’s extensive knowledge, training, and resources to assess and improve their own sustainability performance while optimizing sustainability-driven sales opportunities.

Since joining the program, we have developed several initiatives to drive meaningful change within our organization such as the CTS Green Team. Some of the CTS Green Team’s recent accomplishments include improving our internal recycling and compost program, organizing a park cleanup day, and planting high-pollinating flowers in several large planting beds to help increase our local bee population.

Read the HP Amplify Plan Summary.

We are excited to continue to make an impactful and meaningful change!


Meet the Green Team

Left to right: Miriam Centes, Anita Pandey, Kristine Lemire, Virginia Angayen, Sarah-Isabelle Charron, Mike Charouhas, Marko Stepa, Alex Yeh, Emily Martin, Stephen Purchase, James Morgan & Justin O’Neil