Managing Client Devices – Take full advantage of your investments in Microsoft technologies

Managing Client Devices – Take full advantage of your investments in Microsoft technologies

By Jeff Jarvo


Meet Ransi Jona, Converge Microsoft Solutions Expert in Canada

As a Microsoft Solutions Expert, Ransi Jona brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in leveraging Microsoft solutions to help clients optimize their technology investments.

Here, Ransi shares insights on the advantages of working with a Microsoft Solutions Expert, the benefits of a brand-agnostic approach, and how this expertise around Modern Workplace solutions can help many clients overcome challenges in managing their technology environment.

Q: What is a Microsoft Solutions Expert?

Ransi: A Microsoft Solutions Expert is a professional with deep expertise in Microsoft solutions, technologies and latest innovations. My role at Converge is to understand my client’s business objectives and provide tailored solutions that leverage their existing Microsoft investments and services to help them achieve their goals.

I work closely with clients from commercial and public sector to understand their unique requirements, provide recommendations, and implement solutions that are optimized for their specific needs.

Q: What are the advantages of dealing with a certified Microsoft Expert for Digital Workplace solutions?

Ransi: One of the main advantages of working with a Microsoft Solutions Expert is the specialized knowledge and expertise that they bring to the table. We have in-depth knowledge of Microsoft products and services, how they work with other solutions, as well as industry best practices.

Working with a Microsoft Expert ensures that clients receive expert guidance and support throughout their technology implementation journey, from planning phase, to design, implementation and support.

Q: How does working within a brand-agnostic team like Converge works when you are a Microsoft specialist?

Ransi: Working within a brand-agnostic team allows me to access to a wide range of technology solutions from multiple vendors. To compare and explore multiple solution scenarios or to integrate various solution components gives us the opportunity to really customize to what our clients are trying to achieve. Also, this allows us to objectively assess the unique needs of each client and recommend the best solution that aligns with their specific requirements, rather than being limited to a single vendor’s offerings.

This approach ensures that clients are not locked into a single technology stack, but rather have the flexibility to choose the best-in-class solutions that best meet their business objectives.

This flexibility also enables clients to make the most of their Microsoft investments by selecting the right products and services optimized for their needs and maximizing their ROI.

Q: What kind of challenges can you help clients with?

Ransi: I help clients overcome various challenges related to technology implementation, deployment and management. This includes managing every aspect of the Modern Workplace. It has become increasingly complex with the rise of hybrid/remote work and the need for seamless collaboration across different devices and platforms.

I assist clients in implementing and managing Microsoft solutions such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Intune and Autopilot to optimize their Modern Workplace environment.

This includes ensuring security and compliance, streamlining workflows, and enabling seamless communication and collaboration among team members, regardless of their location or device.

Q: What are the biggest challenges faced by IT teams in 2023?

Ransi: Right now, provisioning and management of thousands of devices in a hybrid workplace seems to be keeping a few of our clients up at night.

With the shift to remote and flexible work arrangements, employees use devices from various locations, using a combination of corporate and personal devices to access apps and often Cloud-based services. This makes it challenging for IT teams to ensure seamless device management and efficient control of security.

Managing devices in a hybrid workplace requires efficient provisioning, deployment, and ongoing management to ensure devices are secure, up-to-date, and compliant with company policies. IT teams also need to address issues such as device troubleshooting and remote management, as well as ensuring that only authorized devices have access to company resources to maintain security and compliance.

Microsoft offers a range of solutions that can help address these challenges. For example, with Microsoft Intune IT teams can centrally manage devices located just about anywhere. They can set up security policies, deploy updates and patches, and troubleshoot and resolve device issues remotely, saving time and effort. It’s a very powerful tool.

Intune also integrates with other Microsoft solutions, such as Azure Active Directory, allowing IT teams to implement conditional access policies to ensure that only authorized devices have access to corporate resources. This helps enforce security policies and maintain compliance in a hybrid work environment.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager allows IT teams to manage all endpoints, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices from a unique and central console.

These are just a few examples of the powerful Microsoft tools already available and accessible to our clients. I have so many examples to share.

Q: Can you provide an example of project you worked on that benefitted from enabling these Microsoft solutions?

Ransi: Absolutely! I recently worked with a government client in the financial industry with a large IT team and increasingly geographically diverse workforce.

They were looking to outsource many aspects of their IT provisioning process. They had important security concerns and obligations and wanted to continue managing their infrastructure in-house. They had already invested considerably in Microsoft solutions and wanted to optimize utilization and overall return on their investment.

The proposed solution included an ongoing partnership agreement with Converge for the provisioning of digital workplace devices. Converge Canada operates a state-of-the-art, ISO-certified secure storage and staging facility in Ottawa. We can provide a large device inventory and the ability to process hundreds of devices per day purpose-built facility designed to meet the most stringent storage, processing, and security standards.

We were also able to identify multiple ways for them to automate many tasks, optimize their use of existing technology like Microsoft Endpoint Manager, also identified multiple ways for them to automate deployment with Azure, Intune, and Configuration Manager to manage devices, apps, and security policies.

Obviously, the automation possibilities for your team and the integration of your various tools become even easier if we can orchestrate everything on Microsoft technologies. In this sense, many of Converge’s customers looking to improve their users ‘’work experience’’ have taken an interest in the advantages of the Microsoft Surface solution portfolio. Many of our major customers have understood this in their standardization efforts and journey.


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