Summer Dine & Dash Series

30 min Power Webinars + Free Lunch = Best Summer EVER!

The weather is getting warmer, so our webinars are getting shorter! In partnership
with Dell Technologies, we’ve designed our 30-minute Summer Dine & Dash Series to be quick,
concise and delicious with lunch from your favourite place delivered right to your door.

Session Information is Below.


May 19th – Introducing the NEW 15G PowerEdge Server

Meet the juggernautDiscover how Dell’s new 15G PowerEdge Server can handle the demanding workloads of today and accelerate the path to autonomous computing.

May 26th – Edge Computing

The edge exists wherever the digital world and physical world intersect, and data is securely collected, generated, and analyzed to create new value. Discover how Dell makes this possible with solutions that deliver consistent infrastructureoperations, intrinsic security, and more.

June 2nd – The Dell Differentiators in the Server Market

Learn how taking advantage of the right emerging technologies drives new value through human and machine partnerships, builds a competitive Edge and delivers maximum data value 


June 9th – PowerScale: Unstructured Dataset Management with DataIQ

Unlock the potential within your data. Get the flexibility of a software-defined architecture with accelerated hardware innovations to harness the value of your data. 

June 16th – (DPS) Empowering Data Protection Resilience in the Enterprise

Gain the benefits of a comprehensive data protection solution with Dell EMC Data Protection Suite. This offering meets the needs of organizations of all sizes, protecting data and applications residing in on-premises or multi-cloud environments. 

June 23rd – PowerMax: Future-Ready Storage Solutions

With end-to-end NVMe, real-time machine learning, seamless cloud mobility and up to 350GB per second sustained bandwidth, PowerMax features high-speed smarts to power your most critical workloads. Join us to explore the world’s fastest data storage array.

June 30th – VxRail/PowerFlex – Business Outcomes with Software Defined Infrastructure

VxRail, powered by Dell EMC PowerEdge server platforms and VxRail HCI System Software, features next-generation technology to future-proof your infrastructure and enable deep integration across the VMware ecosystem. Transform with Dell EMC VxRail


July 7th – Management & Security

Dell Client Command Suite is a comprehensive collection of system management tools that automate and streamline client device image setup, configuration, monitoring and updates. Ensure systems stay secure and up to date over the course of the PC lifecycle with less time, effort and resources

July 14th – Update to the Latitude Series

Discover the new age of intelligence with the world’s most intelligent business PCs with built-in artificial intelligence – Latitude. Intelligent audio enhancements, webcam SafeShutterthermal-cooling, express response, charge connect and more. 

July 21st – Dell Precision Workstation Update

Stunningly small. Masterfully designed. Laptops designed with precision-engineered details, from stunning materials to minimal footprint, with true unrivalled performance

July 28 – Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

VDI delivers workforce transformation, by enabling users without compromising security or high-quality end-user experience and streamlining IT resources and management. Dell is uniquely positioned to provide the complete edge to core to cloud solutions from one vendor.

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