Top 10 Reasons to Use Windows 10 in Your Classroom

Top 10 Reasons to Use Windows 10 in Your Classroom

Windows 10 is an effective tool for getting great results in the classroom. The best version of Windows yet, it brings you exciting new features and innovative new tools to get things done, fast. Windows 10 Education expands upon Windows 10 Enterprise, and is specifically designed to meet the needs of schools—staff, administrators, teachers and students.


There are many exciting ways and opportunities for classrooms to benefit from this tool. What makes this version of Windows rise above any other platform? Let us tell you about the top 10 innovations that caught our eye:

1. Windows 10 is Designed for All Styles of Learning

We all learn differently. A whopping 73% of teachers report that technology allows them to tailor their teaching methods in a way to best meet the various different learning styles of their students. Windows provides a range of modalities: voice, pen, touch, and gesture that allows students to interact with their PCs in a way that best suits them. A more natural fit lends itself to a better learning experience.

2. Think With Digital Ink

Windows 10 allows students to draw upon the benefits of old school tools while using new technologies. Studies have found that students can boost their science test scores by 25% to 36% when they diagram their problem solving with a pen versus those students who only use a keyboard. Windows 10 provides an awesome inking experience across devices and applications that engages students, enhances their learning experience and boosts their results.

3. Outstanding Assistive Learning Technology

A full 10% of the population is thought to be affected by specific learning disabilities that have a profound effect on individual educational outcomes. Windows devices are equipped with the widest array of assistive technology available that can help each student to reach their full potential. Teachers can easily create inclusive teaching environments that allow them to effectively reach and teach every student.

4. The Safest Windows Ever Made

Parents are rightly concerned with the safety and security of their children and and likewise the safety and security of their children’s data. Windows 10 is the safest Windows ever with new and improved safety and security updates. It includes innovative new tools for data protection, student identity authentication, and malware protection. Windows 10 delivers more built-in security features than ever before and updates are always enabled to keep your security current for the supported lifetime of the device.

In addition, Windows Hello makes everything safer and also means that students will never forget their passwords. It’s a fast password-free way to unlock your Windows device. Windows Hello uses a face, fingerprint or companion device to recognize the user.

5. Collaborative Learning Across All Devices

Collaboration is king and the ability to collaborate is a valuable skill that students will rely on throughout their lives. Digital tools encourage and allow students to work together easily. Windows OneNote collaboration enables students and educators to work on the same document at the same time, within the same classroom or across an ocean. Students can stay organized, share information and spark creativity while collaborating on homework, research or group assignments. Use Windows 10 to add personal notes on web pages and share them with others. Teachers are able to monitor student participation, because all collaborative contributions are tracked.

Students can also collaborate on Skype. They can show each other their work instead of just talking, which brings a much more personal aspect to the collaboration. Speaking of Skype, virtual field trips are a huge educational bonus offered by Microsoft. Students can virtually visit any museum in the world or listen to a host of awesome guest speakers.

6. A Platform That Will Never Be Outgrown

Not exactly one size fits all, but rather one platform suits all. Windows 10 provides a single platform that will continue to meet the needs of students of all ages. Students can go from learning their ABCs on Endless Alphabet to writing their dissertations on Office 365. Not only that, but younger students will learn practical skills that they will actually need to know and rely on as older students, like Word and Excel.

7. Work Across Devices and Compatibility is Easy

You can move easily between devices and open your files from any device and pick up right where you left off. Also, Windows 10 allows you to easily connect to printers, cameras, digital microscopes and all of the other external tools a student may need. Windows is compatible with the widest range of connected devices found in and for the classroom. In addition, you can access traditional educational resources as well as new educational resources, such interactive digital textbooks.

8. Windows Helps You Get Things Done

Demonstrations are essential to the learning process. Teachers overwhelmingly report that technology allows them to demonstrate concepts and ideas that they are often unable to demonstrate any other practical way. Windows multi-doing abilities allow students and teachers to get things done faster and save time, get things done in a snap with Snap Assist, virtual desktops, Task View and Cortana. For example, Cortana learns your pronunciation and vocabulary and allows a user to provide voice instructions for many tasks and allows you to get more done. Students can ask for Cortana to research a topic on the Internet while they keep on writing their paper. How efficient is that?

9. Deploy and Manage Your Way

Windows 10 makes deployment easy. Users will find and enjoy a seamless transition process. Windows provides educational institutions with simplified ways to deploy and manage their data including in-place upgrades and deployment assistance packages.

10. Get More for Free Than Ever Before

Affordable is good and free is better. With Windows 10, we can see a real emphasis on creating affordable devices and solutions for everyone. Microsoft is committed to providing schools and students with advanced technology at a price they can afford. Many free products and services for students and teachers are available. In addition, schools can take advantage of very affordable and cost-efficient Academic Volume Licensing and other special low-cost offers. Furthermore, tools such as Office 365 can be free for students based on the school board’s licensing. Student can now access the same tools at home that they use at school.

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